Adjustable Foundation and Wiring Jig

Adjustable wiring jig

Adjustable Foundation and Wiring Jig

A foundation form holds the frame steady while installing foundation and nailing wedges into place.  However, when working with a deep foundation, the grooves in a normal foundation form leave a void of support for the foundation — making it possible to poke a hole through the wax.  What we want to do is make a filler strip that can be taken out and flipped over to provide a solid support for the entire sheet of deep foundation.

Removable filler

Removable filler strip with a rabbet on one side

The filler strip is used in three different ways.  First, place it in the slot with the solid side up for full support of deep foundation.  Second, you may place the rabbet up and away from the topbar to support medium frames.  Lastly, by placing the rabbet up and toward the topbar, you may work on shallow frames.

The cam clamp when closed holds the frame in place for added stability.  The wire reel holder makes wiring easy by preventing wire from uncoiling all over the universe.

Filler for deeps

Solid side up for deeps

Filler for mediums

Rabbet up and away from the topbar for medium frames

Filler for shallows

Rabbet is up and toward the topbar for shallow frames


Wiring jig measurements

Measurements for the wiring jig with adjustable strip.

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